12 tips for moving out of state

12 Tips for Moving Out of State

When deciding to move out of state, there are things you must figure out. Where am I moving to? Will I miss my friends and family? Can I afford it? These are just a few questions you’ll have to answer. So, lets delve into our 12 tips for moving out of state:

1. Plan, Plan, Plan

Planning for a move can be stressful, but with adequate time and persistence you can make it fun. First, make a list of all the things you need to do to make this is a smooth move. Secondly, close out all bar tabs, cancel all utility bills and let your friends know you’re leaving. Wherever you choose to live – getting there without a hiccup will take some time, attention to detail and research. So, do yours thoroughly and leave no questions unanswered and moving out of state could be an amazing experience.

2. Research Your New State

There are so many beauiful places to live in the world. But, where will find the most joy, financial success and a comfortable place to call home? You could move to Philadelphia, “Home of Brotherly Love” or Miami, “The Magic City”. No matter where you choose to  live make sure to do your due diligence. This way you know which neighborhoods are the safest and where the closest Home Depot is, should you need one.

3. Alert Friends and Family

If moving out of town, it’s best that you alert your family and friends. We would advise against pulling a “Houdini”. This way your friends and family won’t be worried sick. Also, they’ll know where to send presents or visit and crash on your couch for a couple of weeks. Either way, it’s benefical to everyone and the right thing to do.

4. Budget, Budget, Budget

What is your budget? This is one of the most important of our 12 tips for moving out of state. It gives you an idea of where you’ll be living and if you can afford movers. Whatever your financial situation, you should always make a budget when spending money – especially when moving. Make a list of your needs and wants. Look at them closely and figure out your budget, come up with a low and high end number that works for you.

5. Gather Records

Don’t wait until you get a text from one of your best friends saying she’s won first class tickets to Paris to find out your passport is missing. Get all important document together and put them somewhere safe. Getting a lockbox might be a bit extreme, but it’s better to be safe than sorry. Get those records together so you don’t miss the chance to lay on open grass while sipping wine eating a baguette next to the Eiffel Tower.

6. Notify Utility Companies and Forward Mail

This is a big one, especially if you’re moving out of state. You won’t be able to go back to your old house to pick up the mail in person, so make sure to change your address with the postal service as soon as you know it. Setting up utilities is also something you want to plan for. Getting an appointment to turn on your internet could take a week or more, and you don’t want to be sitting around with no Netflix for even one day.

7. New Licenses

When you change addresses, especially across state lines, it’s important to get a new driver’s license right away. Most states want you to do this within the first 30 days. Make an appointment with the local DMV, and you’ll be done in a flash.

8. Declutter…Finally.

Remeber this is a fresh start so take the things you can’t live without for the first two weeks. It’s a good idea to go through your belongings. What are the essentials? What are some of things that can be donated? If you find that you have a lot of clutter, consider having a yard sale. Not only will it free up space, but you’ll also save time on packing and you will have some extra pocket money for other moving expenses.

9. Don’t Wait, Start Prepping Now

Moving is easy when you plan – and horrible when you don’t. Start looking for movers as soon as possible, preferably a month before you move. Make as many lists as you need to to keep the move organized and smooth.

12 tips for moving out of state

Moving Out of State

10.  Choosing a Moving Company

Read some reviews and get a feel for the company. Read enough reviews until you find a company that makes you feel comfortable. Request a quote or even be retro and make a call to the company. This interaction should give an idea of the company’s pricing and customer service. Write down questions you’d like to ask and feel free to have the customer service rep give you a brief background on the company.

11. Ask Your Mover Plenty of Questions

Are there extra charges for stairs? Will the price go up if the move takes longer? What if you have more things than you expected to move? Will the movers wrap your furniture in blankets to protect it? When you are looking for a moving quote, feel free to ask the moving company representative all of these questions and more. Know exactly what you’re getting into before moving day.

12. Have A Packing Strategy

You probably already know that you should label all your boxes, but don’t skip out on having a solid packing strategy! Below are three of our top tips from our professional packers:

Jumping From Room To Room  – The idea of packing up an entire apartment or house can be completely overwhelming. Our packing professionals know that to get the job done quickly and efficiently – start with one room and don’t leave until it’s packed up.

Paying For Moving Boxes – The best way to score lots of free boxes are to go to your local liquor store or grocery. They likely throw out tons of boxes each week and would be more than happy for you to come collect them.

Overpacking Your Boxes – Remember that once you pack these boxes, someone is going to have to pick them up! A box filled completely with books is heavy and can easily break (or break your back)! For heavier items, fill half the box and then use the other half for something light, such as a pillow or towel.

And there you have our 12 tips for moving out of state. If you’re looking to move out of state, look no further than NYC’s top-rated moving company – Stride Movers. We are committed to excellence and customer satisfaction. It would be our pleasure to be the movers on your next relocation. Get a free quote now.

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