Most people don’t spend too much of their time thinking about moving. However, when faced with a move, there’s suddenly a lot to consider, like “how the hell do i have so much stuff?” and “how am I going to pack everything?”. Luckily, moving is what we do best! Here, our moving professionals share the three most common packing mistakes that people make. We do offer packing services, but if you’re going to do it yourself – avoid these and your move will be a breeze!

1) Jumping From Room To Room

3 Packing Mistakes

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The idea of packing up an entire apartment or house can be completely overwhelming. Our packing professionals know that to get the job done quickly and efficiently – start with one room and don’t leave until it’s packed up! This may seem like common sense, but fight the urge to bounce from room to room. Focus on the room at hand. Once you’ve crossed that area off your list, move on to the next.

2) Paying For Moving Boxes

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Home Depot and other big home improvement stores are great places to pick up boxes, but even an apartment move can end up costing you several hundreds of dollars – seriously! Those wardrobe boxes are NOT cheap! But why buy boxes when so many are tossed out every day? The best way to score lots of free boxes are to go to your local liquor store or grocery. They likely throw out tons of boxes each week and would be more than happy for you to come collect them. Other good places to get free / discounted boxes include Craigslist and your neighborhood Facebook groups / online forums.

3) Overpacking Your Boxes

3 Packing Mistakes

Remember that once you pack these boxes, someone is going to have to pick them up! A box filled completely with books is heavy and can easily break (or break your back)! For heavier items, fill half the box and then use the other half for something light, such as a pillow or towel.

That’s it for our top 3 packing mistakes to avoid. And don’t forget to always label your boxes for easy unloading at your final destination!

That wraps up our list of 3 packing mistakes you never want to make. If you’re relocating and are in need of packing professionals, look no further than Brooklyn’s best packing service company – Stride Movers. Get your free quote here.