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Best Movers In NYC

Best Movers In NYC

Being the best takes years of dedication – learning what works and what doesn’t. Each day to us means the same high level of performance with the same goal. To provide impeccable service to all of our customers. Here at Stride we’ve maintained several core principles that allow us to say we are the best movers in NYC.

We learn from the past

At Stride we’ve successfully completed over ten thousand moves, giving us a significant advantage over the competition. The few mistakes we’ve made over the years have given us the tools necessary to constantly improve our company and drive our success. Our founders also learn from our competitors’ mistakes.

We created a culture that aligns with our core values

We are not in the moving industry, we are in the service industry. The highest level of customer service sits at the core of our company’s values. When our customers are moving, it’s often a stressful time in their lives. We believe that from the minute a prospective customer comes in contact with our company they should be treated with the utmost care and respect. That’s why we constantly stress upon our office and moving staff the importance of great customer service .

Best Movers In NYC

We find great people who complement our company

Our founders and staff all have a backgrounds. From musicians to directors to screen play writers – the list goes on. We hire people that are great at thinking outside the box and continue to bring us innovative ways to do business. The moving industry is ever-changing and it’s up to us to stay ahead of the curve and find new ways to keep our customers satisfied. That’s why we hire people who add to our company culture.

We have fun

It’s simple: a little fun goes a long way. Granted this looks different for every business. A tech company can get away with more fun than perhaps a law firm or hospital. But there are ways to engage employees in activities that feel less like work. For example, we declare half-day on Fridays during the summer, we take our teams indoor rock climbing, go we wine tasting after work hours or hold contests. We give people the freedom to relax, show up in a different way and have fun.

Work as a team

We don’t think of people in terms of “employees” or “departments”. We are all part of the same team. Rallying around this idea builds a sense of unity and community, which fosters culture.

In conclusion, we’re the best movers in NYC not only care about our customers, but everyone that is part of the Stride family.  If you’re looking to move, look no further than NYC’s top-rated moving company – Stride Movers. We are committed to excellence and customer satisfaction. It would be our pleasure to be the movers on your next relocation. Get a free quote now.

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