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Best Pizza Places In NYC

The “best pizza places in NYC” is highly searched phrase on Google. To be fair, you can go anywhere in the five boroughs and find fantastic pizza, sometimes for $1! But how do you find the best? Well, the best pizza only exists in New York City, so it shouldn’t be difficult. Preparation, ingredients and oven temperature are major factors. So which of our pizza parlors has the best tomato sauce recipe? And which reigns supreme –  coal or wood burning ovens? Without further ado we give you our list of the best pizza places in NYC. Enjoy!

Barboncino Pizza

Neighborhood: Crown Heights

Best Pizza Places In NYC

For the thin crust lovers, we present Barboncino. A Crown Heights staple, this spacious restaurant brings the taste of Naples to trendy Franklin Avenue. While they mostly focus on their pizza pies, they also have some delicious sides and fun cocktails.

Percy’s Pizza

Neighborhood: Greenwich Village

Best Pizza Places In NYC

Percy’s Pizza With Special Guest Laila Ali

This Greenwich Village spot serves DOLLAR PIZZA! And it’s actually great. Enough said.


Neighborhood: Williamsburg

Best Pizza Places In NYC

Vinnie’s specializes in unique and creative cuisine utilizing classic style and ingredients. This is not your typical neighborhood pizzeria. The guys working behind the counter really seem like they were having a good time. The restaurant itself is entertaining, with puns everywhere you looked, from the T.Hanks trash can to the BATMan to the picture of AC Slater on the AC.


Neighborhood: Carroll Gardens

The cash-only pizzeria consistently attracts A-listers ranging from Jay-Z and Beyonce to the Beckhams. The owner is now famous himself, for his rustic wood-fired pies and calzones. His New York-style plain pizza is consistently hailed as one of the best in the city and even the U.S.


Neighborhood: Bushwick

Ops, a restaurant serving great pizza in Bushwick, will make you feel like you’re already a regular from the minute you walk in the door. Even if you don’t live in this neighborhood, we think that feeling’s worth traveling for. The menu is small (it’s a short list, and also weirdly tiny), with only one rotating cheese plate, appetizer, and salad – the rest is all pizza. Which is what you’re really here for. The sourdough crust is great, and if you dabble in square pies, their version is excellent.

Di Fara

Neighborhood: Midwood

Since 1964, Domenico DeMarco has rolled out dough in this Midwood, Brooklyn, storefront. Not much has changed since those early days. The fluorescent sign out front is a throwback. DeMarco’s Neapolitan pies are not wood-fired, but he still manages to obtain a paper-thin crust with supple edges and a slightly soggy center. They’re topped with sugary tomato sauce enriched with extra-virgin olive oil, then finished with homegrown basil and a sprinkling of Parmesan cheese.


Neighborhood: Lower East Side

Scarr’s is a tiny place on the Lower East Side, and it looks like it’s been around since the 1970’s. There’s a retro sign, a takeout counter, and a wood-paneled dining room with a couple of booths and a linoleum bar. It’s dark and old-school, and it feels sort of like a bowling alley without the lanes.


Neighborhoods: West Village & Clinton Hill

They serve an array of bubbly modern American-style pies. The dough is hand-mixed and the mozzarella is prepared in-house. High-quality ingredients are integral, and they use local products whenever possible. Expect to see classics with numerous inventive options,

John’s of Bleecker Street

Neighborhood: West Village

Coal-fired brick oven pizza. A NYC establishment since 1929. John’s is known for its graffiti-carved wooden booths where any patron can carve their name. The pizzeria does not serve slices, only whole pies cooked in an 850° F oven, along with calzones, and accepted cash only until 2016.

In conclusion, that’s our list of some of the best pizza places in NYC.  What’s your favorite spot? If you’re looking to move to any neighborhood in New York City and beyond, look no further than NYC’s top-rated moving company – Stride Movers. We are committed to excellence and customer satisfaction. It would be our pleasure to be the movers on your next relocation. Get a free quote now.

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