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Biggest Mistakes To Avoid When Moving

Biggest Mistakes To Avoid When Moving

When moving, at times things can become stressful and complicated. To figure out where to start we’ve put together a list that will keep you organized and stress-free. From how to pack your belongings without overpacking to when the best time is to book your move. Having this info can really help with a successful move and keeping that blood pressure down. So without further ado, here are the biggest mistakes to avoid when moving.

Overpacking Boxes

When you’ve found the perfect apartment or house, the task of packing up your home can be daunting. From getting the right size boxes to finding the proper packing supplies to protect your belongings. These are important decisions you shouldn’t take lightly. When choosing boxes we recommend small to medium boxes. If you’re planning on put a heavy item in a box, try to keep it to one heavy item. Then try and fill the rest of the empty space with linens and other lighter items. This practice will prevent you from overpacking, which could lead to broken boxes, or worse, injury.

Underestimating Inventory

We’ve been part of thousands of successful moves over the years. Our movers have helped customers with pack and move services, even helping realtors stage apartments. One of the recurring problems we’ve seen over the years with our customers relates directly to their inventory. After living in an apartment for a while we tend to accumulate more items. Sometimes we even forget all the things we have. It’s only until we start packing that we get a true picture of all our items. So, the best practice when getting a quote from a moving company is to overestimate. This way, if you have fewer items, things will move faster and you wont be up-charged for more inventory.

Getting the Wrong Packing Supplies

When moving and in the need of packing supplies you are presented with a lot of options. If you’re in need of boxes, you could get them from your local liquor store for free. You could even visit your local super market and they may have boxes from their last inventory delivery. If you need packing paper, some customers have been known to use newspaper. We believe for the best results you should buy new boxes and packing paper. Used boxes tend to break because of being previously used or having been wet. So buy new if you can. As for packing paper you should buy commercial as it tends to be thicker and better at protecting your dishes.

Biggest Mistakes To Avoid When Moving

Asking Friends And Family For Help

If you’re moving and can’t afford to hire movers your next choice is to enlist the help of friends/family. Hopefully you have friends and family that have some moving experience and respect for your belongings. In most cases, people that are not professionals are more likely to damage your belongings. This can cost you money, time and possibly heartache. So, if you really need friends and family to help, take your time getting everything nice and protected. You could buy some moving blankets or rent them from the truck rental company. This way you can rest easy knowing that your belongings will be fine.

Hiring The Wrong Moving Company

Hiring a moving service can a huge help for people with a lot of belongings. Also, a tremendous help for elderly folks that are relocating. Having professionals on your move can elevate a lot of stress and keep moving day on the right track. It’s often people’s first choice to go with the lowest price. This choice can work out to be a good one but from our experience it usually doesn’t. Some moving companies have based their business model on the idea of bait and switch. Giving you a cheap price to get you to book, then raising the price on the day of your move. Our suggestion to prevent this from happening is to keep in mind that you often “get what you pay for”. If you go cheap, do not be surprised when your stuff is damaged or the day is stressful.

Miscalculating The Amount of Stairs Or Elevator Size

Moving companies require quite a bit of information in order to provide you with the best service possible. This includes, but is not limited to, your inventory list, the amount of stairs you have or your elevator size. Giving the right information will help your moving company with pricing and staffing for your move. So, when hiring movers for your next move, be as detailed as possible about everything you can.

To sum up, these biggest mistakes to avoid when moving are the defining factors between a stressful and a smooth move. All in all, the best practice is to talk to a professional and see how they can help you have a great moving experience. If you are looking to hire a moving company, look no further than NYC’s top-rated moving company – Stride Movers. We serve all 5 boroughs, Long Island, and upstate New York. We are committed to excellence and customer satisfaction. It would be our pleasure to help you with your next relocation. Get a free quote now.

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