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Find Roommates in NYC

Find Roommates In NYC

The greatest city in the world – New York City. Filled with over 8 million individual stories all squished into one exciting, beautiful place. Of course, most of us can’t afford to live here without a roommate – or two. Or three. And we’ve all heard the nightmare roommate stories! So how do we find people we can actually live with?

It’s always best to start with your trusted networks. Posting on Facebook will help you search through your friends and their friends. Professional networks and Facebook groups like Gyspy Housing or local neighborhood groups are also a good place to check. Some apps like SpareRoom and Roomi can help you find verified people – perhaps a step up from random strangers on Craigslist. Sometimes, even realtors can help you connect with potential roomies. When you’re finally ready to move in, trust the pros at Stride Movers.

What To Expect

Our customer service specialists will work out the details of your moving day with you. If you have a lot of valuable items, we may schedule an inventory assessment with you. Our inventory experts will come to your home to measure and itemize your belongings so that we can bring the the proper supplies and specialty crates if necessary. The night before, you will receive an email reminding you of your move time. Your movers will show up promptly and begin to wrap your larger furniture items to keep them clean and protected. Your fragile items will be specially cared for and loaded expertly into our trucks for maximum protection during transportation. We are experienced NYC art movers and that means you can rest easy knowing your priceless antiques are in the best of hands.

Why Choose Stride?

When looking for moving services in NYC,  things can become quite stressful. Some narratives can also be misleading. Here at Stride Movers we place a great deal on transparency. Therefore, whatever our customers service specialists relay to you about your local move, that’s what it will be. Movers in NYC are a dime a dozen. We offer the moving services because of our passion. We constantly improve on customer service, our stringent employee training program has never been bested, and we strive to maintain our reputation as NYC top-rated movers.

Our company credo is “treat each customer the way you’d like to be treated and never say no”. As a result, it has made our movers highly sought after and has earned us rave reviews with repeat customers. In conclusion, it would be our pleasure to be the movers on your next relocation. Get started today with a free moving quote.

find roommates in NYC

Find roommates in NYC – the good kind.

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