Hiring an NYC Moving Company

Hiring an NYC moving company for the first time

Hiring an NYC Moving Company

With colleges about to let out and the summer is heading our way, the moving season in NYC is upon us. If you’re not the type to enlist friends and family to help you move, you don’t want to blindly hire the first moving company in NYC. From big corporations to mom and pop operations, movers in NYC run the spectrum in terms of services, pricing and proximity, but no matter the choice, there are a few things to consider before deciding. Therefore, Stride Movers has rounded up 5 tips for hiring movers, including performing background checks, making sure you’ve accurately counted your boxes and getting the perfect estimate.

1. Do a background check

A place like Google is a great resource when hiring an NYC moving company, but it’s sometimes difficult to determine which bad reviews are real and which are just someone with a chip on their shoulder. You can get more information from the BBB, AMSA and service-specific consumer advocacy sites like Moving Scam. Beware of companies that have no address or phone number or ask for a big deposit in advance.

2. Get multiple estimates

Contingent on a company’s place of business, how active they are, or the company’s size, rates can vary. Make sure to get several estimates to secure the best deal. Get quotes in writing (via email); an estimate given verbally can’t be verified. If the company you really want to go with is more expensive, you can try presenting a lower bid from another mover, though there’s no guarantee they’ll take the bait. And be wary of bids that seem extremely low.

3. Analyze flat rate vs. hourly

If you are searching for a moving company, chances are you have found a few companies and are hoping to compare moving quotes. When you call a moving company, they will either provide you with an hourly quote or a flat rate for your entire move. Which will work better for you? If you are on a budget, flat-rate certainly has an appeal. However, sometimes a flat rate can be deceiving.  Ask about hidden fees – a lot of moving companies have them. Does the quoted price change the price if your inventory changes? We have heard stories of moving companies holding people’s possessions hostage until they paid extra or demanding tips upfront before they start the move. Know your movers.

4. Move on an “off day”

Most people tend to move at the end of the month meaning that moving companies are busiest at the beginning and end of the month, as well as weekends. It’s advised mid-week or mid-month will save you money and give you more options if it’s doable.

5. Clear the move with both buildings

As mentioned above, many buildings and management companies have rules related to when tenants can move out and in. This is to prevent too many people from moving on the same day and jamming up the hallways, stairs, and streets. And many want to see proof of insurance. It’s also not a bad idea to be on their good side, whether you’re moving out and may need a landlord reference or whether you’re moving in and will potentially need these folks’ help.

Hiring an NYC Moving Company

Why chose Stride?

When hiring a NYC moving company,  things can become quite stressful. Some narratives can also be misleading. Here at Stride Movers, we place a great deal on transparency. Therefore, whatever our customers’ service specialists relay to you about your move, that’s what it will be. Moving companies in NYC are a dime a dozen but we still remain the diamond in the rough. We’re the best moving company because of our drive. We’re constantly improving on customer service and stringent employee training program has never been bested. In other words, we strive to maintain our reputation as NYC top rated moving company. Our company culture/credo, “treat each customer the way you’d like to be treated and never say no”. It has made our movers highly sort after and has gotten rave reviews with repeat business. It would be our pleasure to be your movers on your next relocation. Why? Because you deserve it. It would be our pleasure to be the local movers on your next relocation because you deserve it. Start your move today with a free quote here.

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