how to have a successful move

How to Have a Successful Move?

Are you relocating to another state for a job? Moving to a new apartment in New York City? Did you finally buy a house on Long Island or Westchester? At Stride Movers, we have done thousands of moves and we are here to tell you how to have a successful move: research, prepare, relax.

1) Research

Chances are you spent a long time researching your future home – looked at apartment listings on Zillow, looked at the neighborhood, maybe even checked out the school district, the crime rates, the nearby restaurants. A little bit of research will go a long way for your move as well. If you are hiring movers, you want to always read moving company reviews carefully, and call around for a few moving quotes. When you get your quotes, make sure to ask about extra fees, or things like parking tickets, tolls, etc.

If you are planning a Do-It-Yourself move, you will want to do your research as well. Research the parking situation on both ends of the move. Look for packing help if you need it. Research your route from start to finish including tolls, traffic and rental truck rates.

2) Prepare

Moving day can often feel hectic, so it’s best to do as much as you can in the days leading up to your move. If you hired movers, you want to be ready for them the moment they arrive. Buying a few bottles of water or gatorade / power bars for both you and the movers will keep everyone energized and going strong.

While you are packing your belongings, make sure to leave out anything you will need on the day of the move. Your wallet, phone and keys are obvious ones. Set aside an extra set of clothes, and maybe a phone charger as well. Make sure to label your boxes with the name of the room they are going to, plus what’s inside. This will help you organize when you get to your new place.

3) Relax

When the big day comes, relax and know that “you got this”! You have packed, prepared, mapped your route, and are ready to have a great moving day! If you hired movers, let them take care of the heavy lifting. And now you know how to have a successful move!

how to have a successful move

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