how to hire home staging moving companies

How to hire home staging companies

In the past year, the real estate market has been on fire. Over the next 12 months, Zillow, an online real estate marketplace, is forecasting an 11.7% appreciation in U.S. home values. And that would mark a slowdown in appreciation—over the past 12 months the typical home has increased 17.7% in value. This means realtors will be staging more houses than ever. So realtors will be in the market for companies that could help with moving furniture. Some might even need a couple professionals that are capable of lifting and helping with said staging. This would give them the opportunity to maximize their time and hold more open houses. So, how to hire home staging moving companies – you might ask? The process can be time consuming, but in the long run it will be absolutely worth it. Here are a few tips to get you started.

How to hire home staging companies

Look at their reviews

Before the invention of Google, you would have to look through the yellow pages to find home staging service. You would make a few calls to get a feel for the company. Then make a decision, still uncertain if you were getting the best company for the job. Now, you can hop on your computer or phone and find dozens of companies that could help you. With previous customer reviews, you’re more than likely to find a company that is reputable, reliable and professional. All the things you’ll need from a company to get your home staging done. Make sure you read as many reviews as possible until you feel comfortable to move forward.

Customer service

This is by far the most important item on the list, because it really gives you your first impression of the company. Is the customer specialist being polite? Are they being helpful? Are they listening to your needs? Or are they being dismissive and trying to sell you something you don’t need. This the moment where you get a real picture of what to expect if you hire them. So, take the time to write down a few questions that you absolutely need answered, then make that first contact. We know some of you hate to speak on the phone and prefer to send a text. But I suggest the phone call because you want to hear the customer service rep’s voice. Are they happy that you called? Or do they seem distracted? You want a company that values you and your time.


When hiring a home staging company you want the best of the best. That means years of happy customers and a company that knows what the process entails. A company with years of experience and a well-trained staff. Having experience in this field means less possibility for damage or injury. It means you’ll be able to stage your properties faster and get them on the market sooner. Time is money and the more time you save working with professionals in this field, the more money you’ll save. Therefore, hire a company with the right experience and this will prevent lots of future headaches.

Their Team

A poorly trained team may lead to all types of mishaps. From your furniture being ruined to the property being damaged. The company you hire should have trained all its employees in every aspect of protecting your belongings/property. Specifically on how to move furniture without damaging walls, floors, or the furniture itself. They should be able to follow your directions when needed. Also, be helpful in ways that will make your life easier. That’s the company you should hire. One that knows your wants and needs and is capable of making it happen.


The last thing you want is on the day of you staging no one shows up. This will be devastating to say the least. So, to prevent this from happening, take things into your own hands by following up with the company. Call and check to make sure everything is set to more forward as discussed to minimize surprises. Some companies will send you reminder emails about your upcoming staging. This usually makes the customer feel at ease and shows that the company is thinking about you.

How to hire home staging companies


Home staging is hard work and requires individuals that can perform said work with ease and skill. Companies that tend to be on the pricy side usually pay their staff well. This is the company you want to work with because well paid staff means happy teams and better performance. Underpaid staff means disgruntled or careless employees which leads to less oversight and unhappy customers. The phrase” you get what you pay for” rings true in these types of situation. Hire a company with well paid staff and chances are you’ll be happy with the results you get.


Communication is important in order to get what you want in any relationship. The relationship between buyer and seller is no different. When you’re engaging with a staging company it’s recommend to communicate your needs as clearly as possible. This way you’re able to get exactly what you paid for and get the job done right. The company you choose to hire should be open about any company policies or limitations on their end. Being open and communicating honestly could avoid future problems for both parties.

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We would like things to go the way we planned it, but sometimes things happen that’s out of our control. Therefore, it’s wise not the be too rigged in our plans. When this occurs, it’s important to be able to pivot and adjust to our new reality. Focusing on what we could control and keeping a positive attitude always helps in these types of situations. A good fit between customer and company is when both parties are flexible and respectful of each other. With that kind of attitude in place then we have a recipe for a successful interaction.

In conclusion, when you’re ready to hire a home staging company keep these tips in the front of your mind. You’ll have a high chance of success and making your potential prospects happier. That sums up “how to hire home staging companies”.

If you are looking to hire a home staging company, look no further than NYC’s premiere home staging specialists – Stride Movers. We serve all 5 boroughs, Long Island, and upstate New York. We are committed to excellence and customer satisfaction. It would be our pleasure to help you with your next relocation. Get a free quote now.

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