how to relocate my retail store

How to Relocate Your Retail Store

It’s a job you (and your friends) hate. Moving is backbreaking work that disrupts your everyday life. You never knew how much you owned before you had to pack it, lift it, move it, unload it, and unpack it in a new place. As stressful as moving your household can be, relocating your company is an even bigger undertaking. With it comes the potential for disruptions and the loss of customers.

Therefore, planning and executing a retail relocation without losing productivity can be quite a challenge. As it turns out, small businesses and stores stick close to their roots and thrive on their customers’ trust. No wonder why so many store owners approach this prospect with a great deal of apprehension and fear.

How to relocate your retail store without major disruptions?

Ensuring minimal disruption to your business operation is probably your main goal when relocating a retail store. But don’t worry, it’s possible and will be worth it in the end! Follow these steps to relocate your retail store seamlessly:

Break the News to Your Customers

Aside from the logistical aspect of the move, you should figure out how to handle your loyal, but probably disappointed customers. It’s critical that you inform your clients of your new location. This should be done well ahead of time on all your social media channels and in person.

Change Your Online Profiles

Change your official contact information on your website and create a page that prominently announces the move. Edit your business listing on Google, Yelp, Bing and all social media accounts.

Set Up Communications Early

Don’t assume that the same services you have now will be available at your new location; before signing a new lease, make sure that a local provider can accommodate your needs. Internet, phone, electric, security systems, may all need to be transferred. Order your new service 60 days in advance.

Hold a Pre-Move Sale

When you are about to switch locations, you will realize that the store inventory is one of your major concerns and potential obstacles. Hosting a profitable sale before you move to a new location can bring in extra revenue, added buzz and make the move smaller.

Pick the Most Convenient Moving Date

Considering your business’s dynamics, schedule your move for the least busy period.

Get professional help and appropriate packing supplies

Without the right kind of packing supplies, your store inventory can easily get damaged during transport. Professionals make the job easy, seamless and painless. They are well worth the money for the amount of headache and liability they can save you.

And that’s how to relocate your retail store. If you’re looking for moving and packing help in New York City and beyond, look no further than NYC’s top-rated moving company – Stride Movers. We are committed to excellence and customer satisfaction. It would be our pleasure to be the movers on your next relocation. Get a free quote now.

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