Moving Companies Manhattan NY

Congratulations! You found the perfect apartment in Manhattan. You paid your deposit and got the keys. Now comes the relocation of all your belongings from your old apartment to your new one. If you only have a few things, then the DIY approach might best fit your needs. But what if you have a fully furnished two or three bedroom apartment? A few closets used for storage and even some big ticket items? In a case like this you’ll need some help. Next step: finding the moving company for you.

Searching for a moving company in NYC will take you down a rabbit hole filled with promises and half-truths. Moving companies in Manhattan are a dime a dozen and they are all unique. From the artist who wanted to make some extra money and wound up having a fleet of trucks – to the entrepreneur who saw an under-performing industry and wanted to revitalize it. Every moving company in Manhattan is different, but the mission statement should be the same. To satisfy the customer and deliver the best services possible.

Moving Companies Manhattan NY

We have heard so many horror stories over the years – it’s bit disturbing that some of these companies are still operational. There are the moving crews that hold their customers belongings hostage until they paid in full and tipped. There are the moving companies that lie about their pricing then have it change drastically on moving day. Despite our efforts to keep a clean reputation, we have dealt with some problem customers. That is just unavoidable when you are in the customer service business. So, like any moving company in Manhattan we have had our share of complaints and have worked hard to resolve them. We also can say with the utmost sincerity that any issues were never been about dishonesty or unprofessionalism. We value and respect every customer that chooses us for their relocation needs.

The Truth

We believe that there are some great moving companies through out Manhattan but picking the right one is what it’s all about. We find that the veteran companies tend to lose focus on the customer because they’ve gotten too big. Therefore, in our opinion the more boutique moving companies offer a better customer experience.

With a more manageably-sized staff, these company owners have more time to deal with customer issues if and when they do occur . They even help train their relocation professional themselves. With owners and managers being more involved, the likelihood of their staff being well trained is higher. Not only does it increase the staff’s morale, but it also helps them get a better understanding of the company’s mission statement. Companies with owners at the forefront perform better. This is because people like to see that their employer is willing to do the same work that’s being asked of them.

With so many moving companies in Manhattan NYC, our goal remains the same. Putting the customer first while performing at a higher level than our competitors. We’ve have been able to accomplish this goal because of few reasons. We hire the brightest and strongest individuals. We are constantly training and retraining our staff with new and practical information, and we’re open to our employees input. Our customers consider us the best because we have built a family based on trust and respect, and that’s how we treat you.

If you’re looking to move, look no further than NYC’s top-rated moving company – Stride Movers. We are committed to excellence and customer satisfaction. It would be our pleasure to help you with your next relocation. Get a free quote now.