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Always Read Moving Company Reviews

Do Your Research

When shopping online, most of us like to do our research, and shopping for a moving company is no different. Often we start by asking friends for recommendations, googling for the “best movers near me” or browsing sites like Yelp. However, with so many companies out there, it’s hard to sift through and find an honest company that will respect you and protect your belongings. At Stride Movers, we have always prided ourselves on our great customer service – we are a family-owned moving company and we want you have a great experience on moving day! But you don’t have to take out work for it – do your research!

Start with the moving company reviews. Don’t just browse – most websites have a filter feature where you can sort from the worst reviews to the best. If no one has had anything bad to say about the company, great! But if you see a lot of 1-star reviews – pay attention. Read carefully and stay away if you see any patterns of customer mistreatment. Look carefully at some of the big name companies and what you see may shock you: stealing, demanding tips up front, nasty and rude movers, poor customer service, improper handling of fragile items, property damage without compensation, luring you in with low quotes but upcharging on the day of, kickbacks and more! At Stride Movers, we would never stand for this!

You Get What You Pay For

We always try to keep our prices competitive and affordable for our customers. After years of experience – we decided on an hourly price model. This is because we want to be as upfront as possible. There are many companies out there that will lure you in with a seemingly low price, and then when your movers arrive, they tack on hidden fees or even demand extra money before they will even begin the job.

Stride Movers never charges hidden fees, and our pricing is always what we say it will be. Seriously! You will find that the quality of movers in NYC varies widely. Some are well-trained and experienced, some are just people who have two hands and two feet and thought they could make a few bucks. At the end of the day, you are going to want to make sure you hire true professionals. If you don’t, you may find yourself with building damages, broken furniture, or missing items. This is going to cost in the long run.

Read the moving company reviews before you hire!

Don’t let this be you!

Customer Service Matters

Call us old-fashioned, but we care about you, our customers! We know moving day can be scary for some people and we are here to reassure you. We stay in constant communication with you before and during your move. Our movers are specially trained to be polite, courteous, and gentle with your belongings. And we are always here to listen to your feedback.

Check out our moving company reviews on Google, and see why so many of our customers recommend us to their friends. If you or someone you know is moving, get a free moving quote here.

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