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Moving During COVID – What You Need to Know

Moving during COVID can be safe if you use precautions

Moving During COVID.

Six months into the Coronavirus pandemic, and cases continue to climb in the US and abroad. We are all trying out best to protect ourselves and our loved ones. We are wearing PPE and social distancing. However, what happens when your lease is up and you need to move? Or you decide to move back home with your family to save on rent? How about if your dream of finally buying a home is realized? If you’re nervous about moving in the pandemic – don’t be! You can do it safely and easily by taking the right precautions. If you are feeling unsure about your upcoming move, keep reading. You’ll learn how to make sure you’re safely moving during COVID.

What You Need to Know About Moving During a Pandemic – Coronavirus Tips & Policies

Not sure what you need to know? Well, we’ve put together some tips on moving during the pandemic. These will help you protect yourself when moving during COVID-19. However, if you have more questions, please do not hesitate to call our office. We’re here to help!

Moving companies have been classified as “essential services” – so they have been allowed to operate in New York during the entire pandemic. If you’re planning a move, first call moving companies. You are going to want to pick a company with good reviews. Therefore, you’re going to want to call them directly and ask about their Coronavirus procedures. Do the movers practice social distancing? Do they wear masks or other PPE? Listen to what the company says. Make sure you are comfortable with them.


Here are some precautions that Stride Movers has been taking to keep our customers and employees safe:

  • All crews are supplied with masks and must wear them on the job at all times
  • Supplying disposable wipes so that commonly used surfaces (such as truck handles, steering wheel, controls, moving equipment, etc.) can be wiped down by employees before and during each moving job.
  • Allowing flexible work sites for sales and marketing
  • Staggered dispatch for drivers and movers, to increase the physical distance among employees and others as our social distancing strategy.
  • Sending the same crews to work together.
  • Discouraging workers from using other workers’ phones, hand trucks, dollies, or other work tools and equipment.
  • Increased housekeeping practices in our offices and warehouses. This includes frequent disinfecting of keypads, restrooms, counter-tops.
  • Interior of trucks, door handles, and moving equipment are cleaned and disinfected on a daily basis and in-between moves.
  • Non-essential visitors are limited to entering our work space.
  • Having employees to self-monitor for signs and symptoms of COVID-19 if they suspect possible exposure.
  • Encouraging increased communications, and invite discussion, questions at work.
  • Reviewing with managers’ attitudes towards work arrangements, maintenance of safety standards.
  • Digitally checking the crew’s temperature every morning with a non-contact thermometer.

Moving Can Be Easy

With our new normal, there is no need to be nervous about moving. Our workers have been trained to protect you and protect themselves. Therefore, while they are doing the hard work, all you have to do is relax and keep yourself at a safe distance. Stride Movers is committed to reducing the spread of COVID and helping our customers get where they need to go. If you are interested in moving in New York, give us a call at 855.668.4645 or fill out our free quote form today.

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