Frequently Asked Questions

You’ve got questions? We’ve got answers – see below for the most common questions from our customers.

How much do I tip movers?2019-04-12T23:12:13+00:00

Movers work incredibly hard, and in our experience — often get treated like crap. Therefore, if you receive good service, consider tipping 15–20% divided amongst your movers. If you receive great service, consider tipping 25%.

What insurance does your company offer?2019-04-12T23:19:37+00:00

With regard to damages, the base level required by New York State for hourly moves is 30 Cents per pound, meaning if your 50 pound television is broken during the move, you can expect $15 in compensation. For a $50 surcharge, we can insure you for full value up to $5000 with a $500 deductible.

Do you charge hourly or by the job?2019-04-12T23:19:45+00:00

We charge an hourly rate based on how many moving professionals your move requires. There may be some extra charges based on stairs, travel or furniture assembly. We will quote your entire price upfront, with no hidden fees or surprises. What you see on your quote is what your move will cost. Every time.

Can you move me cross country?2019-04-12T23:20:22+00:00

We love to travel! In other words, we would love to move you out of (or into) NYC. We are your affordable long-distance movers. Moving cross-country can seem overwhelming, but we handle all the details so you can feel confident that your belongings will meet you on the other side.

What don’t you move?2019-04-12T23:21:33+00:00

Pets, food, and vehicles or anything with gasoline (lawn movers can be moved without fuel).

Do you move pianos?2019-04-12T23:20:47+00:00

Yes, we do.



Melanie S.

“Don’t look any further! They are my go-to movers and heavy lifters. I manage a high end furniture showroom in Soho and brought Stride in as our regular corporate movers. They understood the delicacy of handling our very expensive items but always finished the job ahead of schedule! As a result, I also used them on several residential projects where they moved, assembled, and installed a variety of pieces for myself or my clients. Noel has an eye for space and when someone else says you need two trucks or two trips to get the job done, Noel makes it happen in one!”

James L.

“Olson is hands down the best. I don’t even know how he managed to get our couch into a basement around an impossible corner of rough cement walls without a single mark, but they did and made it look pretty effortless. Everything was well taken care of and they listened to us and planned out the move perfectly. Moving is an art and these dudes are masters. Therefore I Highly highly recommended!”

Abe C.

Amazing. Professional, experienced, lovely. A thorough, long-distance job from NYC to DC with a stop at my New York storage unit. My furniture was beautifully wrapped and protected and I highly recommend Stride Movers. Moreover, I almost felt guilty for how easy they made what is usually such a stressful endeavor. Above all, they treated me and my things with a care and respect that exceeded expectations. I researched moving quotes for a long time, and Stride was by far the best value.”

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