Moving with a Toddler Made Easy

You finally found the perfect new apartment or house, and are ready to move. What should you tell your toddler or young child? Will they be upset about the move – or even notice? Toddlers are aware of their surroundings and it’s important if you’re moving with a toddler to consider their feelings and fears.

Talk to Your Toddler About the Move

Before you even begin packing, talk to your toddler about the move. Let them know you are getting a new house, and they may be getting a new room. If you’re moving locally, it is a good idea to take them around their new neighborhood to explore new places – restaurants, libraries, parks, preschools – that they might end up spending time in. If you are moving long-distance, show them photos of the new community. Discuss fun things you will be able to do once you have moved.

Keep Your Routine

Kids thrive on routine. Therefore, the best thing you can do for your toddler is keep your normal schedule in the days leading up to, during, and after the move. They will take this as a sign that all is well.

Pack Their Things Last

Once you start packing, your toddler might get a little nervous or confused. Keep their room set up for as long as possible, so they have a place that they feel comfortable in. This also goes along with sticking to your routine.

moving with a toddler

Get a Babysitter For Moving Day…But Let Your Toddler Say Goodbye

Honestly, moving day is busy and no place for a toddler. If at all possible, get them out of the house during the move. If you have hired movers, perhaps one caregiver can take the kid(s) on an outing – to the movies, to the park etc. You do not want your toddler running around the house while people are carrying heavy furniture and using power tools. It can be unsafe and also confusing for the toddler.

Once the old home is empty, it is a good idea to let your toddler come back in to say goodbye. Maybe go into each room and say “Goodbye kitchen!” “Goodbye bathroom”. It would be a little weird if you sent them out to the park and they never saw their childhood home again!

Unpack Their Things First

When you arrive at your new home, it’s a good idea to unpack your toddler’s room first. This way they can instantly feel at home and recognize their toys and belongings. This will give them a familiar safe space to be, even if the rest of the new home is a little different.

Avoid Messy and Unsafe Post-Move Conditions

After a move, your new home might be a little disorganized. Boxes stacked everywhere, scissors and tools lying around, new cords to be plugged etc. Make sure that you keep everything safe with your toddler in mind. Perhaps even use a gate to block them off from certain areas until you’re done setting up.

Call the Pros

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