Here at Stride Movers, we work hard to please our customers. Our only goal at the end of the day is you having a stress-free move. We understand that it’s a transitional time for you and we do our best to be kind and offer the best, most honest service around. However, not all companies are created equal – and if you read their reviews – you’ll find horror stories that will make your hair stand on end! We gathered 13 of the worst moving reviews we could find, just to make you laugh. But don’t be scared, moving can be fun – as long as you choose who you hire wisely!

1. “Moving is stressful enough.”

13 Worst Moving Reviews

This reviewer was smart, and saved herself a lot of stress. Always pay attention to how every employee of the company treats you. If the customer service agents are rude and careless – the movers who show up to your house will be no different. Run…don’t walk…away from situations like this!

2. “Save yourself the hassle”13 Worst Moving Reviews

“Save yourself the hassle and just book with another company. Like many others I fell for the reviews here. Maybe they used to be reputable, but I had only negative experiences with this company. They are guaranteed to extort you for more money on the day of your move when you are helpless. Prepare to have your cost increase by 20-30% on the day of your move when you are helpless. The movers got a parking ticket on our day and said we had to pay in cash. I called the office and asked what their policy is on parking tickets and they told us it was our responsibility to pay. Well sure enough it is illegal to force your customer to pay for your parking ticket.

After they added it to our invoice we called and said we won’t be paying it. At which point it was a “suggested tip” which was coincidentally the same amount as our ticket. Lastly, make sure to inventory all your boxes before and after your move, some of our things ended up missing. Save yourself the hassle and headache and just use another company.”

This one earns a nice, high spot on our list of 13 worst moving reviews. Luring you in with low prices and then hiking them up at the last minute is something we see with a lot of companies. And that’s just not okay! Moving is a vulnerable time, and customers should not be gouged for more money when they have no other choice. Make sure your price quote is firm before you book.

3. Forced Tipping

“I had an awful experience moving from New York to Boston move. I paid them to pack and move for me and arranged for the packing to happen the day before I needed to be out. They were 6 hours late to pack, and when they showed up they were too tired to do anything. So, they said they’d come back in the morning. Unfortunately, that was only the beginning of their problems.

When I moved to NYC I had to hire a company called Sofa Surgery to take my couch apart before moving in. I made an appointment for them to come back for the move out, and timed it with the movers. The guys told me to cancel this appointment because they were sure they could do it themselves. I assured them it was harder than it looked but I stupidly let them convince me to cancel. As I had expected, they couldn’t take it out so I had to call the sofa company to take care of it on short notice.

Things went wrong again when they delivered my things in Boston. They were ready to go and I had planned to tip them $100 (I asked many people if this seemed reasonable and they agreed). When I handed it to them they started to count it and told me I had to tip them $300 and that this was in my contract. I double checked the contract and nowhere did it say anything about tipping. I didn’t have any more cash on me and they were making me very uncomfortable. So I had no choice but to go to the nearest ATM so I could get them the $300.

And the saga continues

The saga didn’t quite end there. While unpacking my box of kitchen supplies I found my kitchen knives just thrown in the box haphazardly with no padding or wrapping, and I almost badly hurt myself taking them out. They were just bouncing around loose in the box.

When I called my salesperson Alex to complain about everything that happened he failed to take any responsibility and just said too many moves were scheduled for that day and the movers were tired (hmm, sounds like the company’s fault). He said they would refund me $100 if I signed a form. The form essentially would have forced me not to complain about them anywhere so I didn’t sign it or take the money, which brings me to this moment.

I sincerely hope this will save you a terrible experience. Pick another moving company!”

Maybe this should be #1 of our 13 worst moving reviews…they forced this customer to tip! Tipping is always appreciated, but unless it’s in the contract, it’s up to you to decide how much to tip!

4. Third Time’s a Charm13 Worst Moving Reviews

This one isn’t TOO bad, but we have to wonder why the reviewer gave this company so many chances!

5. Use this company at YOUR OWN RISK and PERIL !!

“They just put me through the worst experience in over 35 years of moving internationally and domestically! Moving is stressful for all of us and involves a lot of logistics for the customer. Timing is everything. So when the manager for the company cancels the move 24 hours before the agreed date and refuses to discuss his decision in a civil, professional manner you can imagine how that customer would feel ! That customer was me !! I”ll now let you know how I arrived in this ‘cluster sized’ nightmare.

I had discussed the move with several companies and felt that the representative from the company, Fred, was one of the more thorough and professional, and seemed to have a good grasp of the nuances of moving. I then decided after reading a few reviews to give my business and trust to him and the company.

I was doing a 2 day move, being packed on Labor Day, loaded and moved the following day. They had asked for a deposit which I promptly gave them and I was in contact with Nem, on a daily basis, for the days leading up to the moving weekend. In fact, I spoke with him twice on the Saturday afternoon, where we both agreed to a slight adjustment of the pack from the Labor Day morning to the afternoon. He told me he was off on Sunday but to reach out on Monday if there was anything I needed. Fine…. or so I thought !!

After partially packing myself through the Saturday night and into the early hours of Sunday I went to bed exhausted.

At shortly after 7.30 AM Sunday I started to receive a barrage of texts from the company saying ‘was I ready for them that afternoon’ [ this is ominous I thought, they already got the day wrong ! ]. So, I messaged back to say that the agreed appointment was the following afternoon. Then, the messenger, who I later found out to be STEPHEN, the manager, started to demand immediate full payment for the balance, which I had no issue with EXCEPT that it was Sunday 7.45AM and I was exhausted and half asleep in bed and I told him to call back at a civil hour like 10AM when I would obviously take care of matters. Also, I mentioned that despite his manic insistence for immediate payment that never once in my Saturday conversations with his colleague had I been told I was being tardy over that issue.

The job is off the schedule completely 

I then received the following message ”OK, THE JOB IS OFF THE SCHEDULE COMPLETELY SINCE THERE IS NO REAL CONFIRMATION….CANNOT WORK ON VAGUE INFORMATION” . This character was making it up as he went along, he was being beyond unreasonable and demanding considering the circumstances and time. ALSO, it was NOT vague, the job was in the books and on the schedule !! I then was forced to call him to try to sort this out in a civil adult manner but he just screamed down the phone to me ”Get another company, the job is off ” and slammed down the phone and then refused to take my calls.

Lack of professionalism

His behavior had for no reason become psychotic, rude, unprofessional and downright aggressively unpleasant. For ****** to have a manager that obviously has unjustified anger management issues is a telling knock against how that company is run. There are further displeasing elements to this whole episode but for brevity’s sake I won’t go into them here. The bottom line was that I had to get another company in at very short notice later the following week and I had to pay a price accordingly. I also had to pay my landlords additional rent for the extra time I occupied the apartment until I finally vacated. Finally, there is not a price that can be put on the stress and hardship this company caused my wife and I.

I did try to follow up with ****** the following week but unsurprisingly they never responded. Furthermore let me say, I’ve owned and run businesses for over 35 years and have never remotely treated customers as they do regardless the circumstances! STAY AWAY…..YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!”

This one truly belongs on our hall of fame list of 13 worst moving reviews. It sounds like this reviewer was dealing with so many different people and they were all incredibly rude! It’s very true that peace of mind of money and it’s not worth it to go for a cheap price if the company is going to hassle – or even worse – cancel completely on you.

6. “Use a different company”

13 Worst Moving Reviews

You shouldn’t have to watch your movers at all times. There’s never ever any excuse for stealing of bad behavior, whether the customer is watching or not!

7. Five hours late

“Firstly I had a quote which I accepted and was told multiple times that I was under the delivery minimum. When the movers turned up their trick is to call the office to make up extra charges to get you to pay because at that point you have no choice as you have already paid for the whole move and you need to move out. So upon pick up which they were 5 hours late for, they tried to charge me an extra $260, I called Ana and she said it was for my headboard that I didn’t put on the inventory. First lie because the inventory I have on email from them says ‘bed including mattress’.

After realizing they were wrong and they couldn’t con me on this because it’s in writing, they then made up another $102 charge when I even took less items than was on my original inventory – I minused a dresser which is a large item. Knowing that I had to move out that day I had to pay the $102.

Then when they came to drop my stuff off they then charged me another $100 to carry my stuff down the hallway to my apartment. I arranged it so that they can park directly outside and the elevator was literally as you enter the building.

The lies continues

The worst part of this was they told me they had delivered all of my belongings, another lie. When I asked where my $300 mirror was the driver told me it was broken and still in the van. He then showed me a text from Vlad at ***** advising him not to tell me that my property had been broken. They were basically hoping that I hadn’t realized, so they were not going to tell me until I asked where it was. The video clearly showed that they had not properly packed it so it was due to their negligence.

Damaged property

When I claimed for compensation, they offered me $100 on the proviso that I wouldn’t write any negative comments on social media, so basically bribery. This was not even a third of what my property was worth and they said basically they were doing me a favor because they should only be paying me 60 cents per lb of my damaged property which I understand was in the contract. I then spoke to their claims manager Anthony who had the worst attitude ever and literally screamed at me throughout the whole conversation. When I said I would take this to court if they didn’t offer me satisfactory compensation he accused me of extortion.

This company is an absolute joke, due your due diligence and go with a reputable company that wouldn’t take advantage of people during a stressful time. It’s a real shame that you treat customers this way.”

While 60 cents a pound is actually a high compensation for broken items, everything else in this review is a HOT. MESS. Broken items? Charging for added items and charging for subtracted items?? Charging for walking down the hallway? Nope. This reviewer could have paid a bit more for a better company and saved themselves the extra costs and the stress!

8. Would give lower if possible.

“We had a super stressful move after finding bed bugs in our apartment. They guys made it even more stressful and used the opportunity to charge us extra at every turn ($300 in extra charges!!!!).
We were told these guys could do the fumigation move we were looking to do (pick up all of our stuff one day, drive to fumigation site, leave overnight for $200 fee, and then delivery the next day). These guys contracted out the move. They rescheduled on us 3 times for pickup. The morning of delivery, they rescheduled again. My partner and I had to switch who was taking off work after the switch. Then, we found new bed bug bites.

Panic ensued

We freaked out, obviously. We called them immediately to ask if they could hold off on delivery while we went into crisis mode.
Called the doctor and the fumigation company. They explained that these could be old bites that were just showing (bites can take up to 14 days to appear). We called back and spoke to Danny who was managing our account.
We explained that we were ok with getting the delivery that day. Note: this all happened within 35 mins. He told us it was too late and that the truck was fully unloaded and the drivers were gone. The fumigation place was in Long Island City. The storage facility was in Jersey. We knew this was not humanly possible. The GPS at the time showed that the drive was 55 mins minimum, and that was before unloading. I accused them of not being honest and reiterated the facts, the GPS time, the size of the job, etc. They said that the guys drove fast and had helpers on the other end. I asked for the address so I could come see my supposedly unloaded items. Danny put me on hold. He then came back and admitted that the things actually weren’t unloaded.

They were also sub-contractors.

He screamed at us when we called him a liar and still refused to deliver our things unless we paid $300 extra ($150 for a change fee and $150 for a new unloading fee). We were being held hostage, so we had to pay the $300. When the drivers got there (remember: they had to reschedule themselves in the am and they still got there at 12, the time they had rescheduled to), the drivers confirmed that they weren’t even on the highway yet, so it was easy to hold until they got further info. They confirmed they never went to the storage facility and it wasn’t much of a hassle for them at all. They were also sub-contractors who were not really affiliated with the moving company. We weren’t going to tip at first since we were so tight on money after the bed bug move. 


Spoke to the man who answered the phone. His name was *****. I asked to speak to a manager or supervisor. He asked for phone # associated with the account. When I gave it to him, he said that he was the team leader and Danny’s boss (very convenient that the manager answered!!). He said that despite the notes that showed the trail of events that matched our story and the fact that Danny lied that the best they could offer us was a $50 good faith refund and 15% off of a future move. They started screaming at me when I stated how unfair I thought this was. We do have one more move to do, as we are combining apartments, but we would rather pay more to a more honest and reliable company. HARD PASS ON THIS MOVING COMPANY. NOT RECOMMENDED. YOU CAN FIND ANOTHER COMPANY EASILY. SUPER BAD CUSTOMER SERVICE. NOT WORTH IT. LOOK ELSEWHERE.”
Only one word for #8 on our 13 worst moving reviews list: yikes. We’re seeing a pattern of last minute charges. Not cool.

9. I’m missing a wardrobe box.

“I had an initially great experience with this moving company! I moved out of my apt on 12/31, and they easily arranged storage and a move to my new place, since it wouldn’t be ready till 1/4. I requested the same truck that moved me out (Truck 23) because they were great. A different truck arrived on 1/4 (Truck 21). When we were just about done with the move, I noticed a section of my closet wasn’t right, and I asked the mover about it and he told me that I was correct and one of my wardrobe boxes (box 32) was missing, and that they would go to the storage unit and find it. I tipped both movers generously, and signed the paperwork, but noted prominently and multiple times that I was missing said wardrobe box.

I spoke with the company and they assured they would look for it, and if they could not locate it, that I would be compensated. Fast forward and they say my box has not been found, and went back on their initial statement and now say that the box was delivered with my move and was never actually lost, and offered me $50 for the inconvenience. The knobs for my nightstand are also in that box, so I have an unusable nightstand and thousands of dollars worth of clothes missing. They have not contacted me and refuse to call, will only communicate through e-mail in broken English. This is completely unacceptable and they will be hearing from a professional on my behalf.”

This isn’t the most awful of our 13 worst moving reviews, but really…where did the box go??

10 . Unprofessional

13 Worst Moving Reviews

Short and sweet. This person made an effort to write their very first review. They didn’t give us many details, but we can only imagine the headaches they went through.

11. “Didn’t apologize and didn’t seem to care at all”

“Dealing with this company has been a nightmare. They did not deliver boxes on the day they said they would. I had to call them and rearrange for another day. When picking up the boxes, they again missed the estimated time. Instead of proactively communicating, each time I had to call them. During the calls, they didn’t apologize and didn’t seem to care at all. Multiple times they would say they text me or call me back and it never happened.

*****, the moving customer specialist, did not answer my questions regarding the move despite being asked repeatedly. He also charged me additional 60 dollars for transporting pillows despite the pillows fitting into the provided plastic bins for which I already paid. That was beyond ridiculous.

The reviews are completely right that they will attempt to charge you more the closer you get to your move when you are in a position where you just have to pay it.

On the day of the move, the movers were nice. However, I had multiple things broken in the move despite it being a local move down only 30 streets in NYC. Again, the customer service did not care despite having insurance.”

Even if the movers are good, customer service means everything in this business.

12. I would not have ended up hiring these jokers.

“PLEASE do yourself a favor and scroll through all of the reviews for this moving company. If I had taken more time to do so I would not have ended up hiring these jokers. Yes, as you can see there have been some people who have had good experiences. This is great. However- there are more than a few horror stories which are almost identical to the experience we had. When you first contact them-it will go smoothly, and customer service will seem on par. Then you will get the documents to sign, (with the hopes that you will indeed provide a 20% tip in advance). The movers arrived on time and put stickers on boxes and seemed to be professional. We were assured that on the other end we would be given a minimum of 24 hours notice for delivery and most likely 48 hours notice.

What really happened?

This did NOT happen. Sunday night at 6pm we were told they would be there between 8-10 am Monday morning and if someone could not be there perhaps we should “ask a neighbor’. What?? But of course we arranged to be there. The items were brought in the house. Minus two boxes. The driver said he had two other deliveries in the area and would check to see if the missing items were on the truck. When I finally tracked him down he said he didn’t have them and they must be in the warehouse in New Jersey. This is where it all falls apart.

And then…

Suddenly you are no longer able to speak to anyone on the phone. You must deal with Anthony via email. Anthony is a monster with zero respect for his customers. I kept asking if he checked the warehouse, he dodged this question multiple times and then changed his original email to pretend like he had in fact answered the question. (One missing bin was clear and filled with toiletries and medications so it is a no-brainer that this was stolen.) So…… this is where you, as the consumer, get offered a $50 credit towards a future move…WHAT??? But even better….this offer will be revoked if anything negative gets posted on social media. Sure Anthony, I will forgo my right to the first amendment in order not to offend you. No way. Things were broken, items were stolen and we were treated poorly. STAY AWAY from this company.”
This reviewer has a great point – always read the reviews before hiring a company! Sort them by “lowest to highest” and really pay attention to any 1 star reviews if they seem reasonable. Learn from others’ mistakes! And finally, the final review on our 13 worst moving reviews list.

13. Well, I lost a whole day of work but gained a story to tell.

13 Worst Moving Reviews

“I reserved my move with this 2 weeks before my move. I listed all the furniture moving and 20 medium boxes. I gave them my credit card and made the reservation. They sent me a confirmation email with the above information confirming my reservation. Everything seemed inline and I spent the next 2 weeks packing.