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The Best Affordable Neighborhoods in All 5 NYC Boroughs

Moving to the Big Apple can be a daunting thought for many. Here are 5 affordable neighborhoods in all of NYC for those on a budget:

5. St George – Staten Island

Although it’s undeniably less city-like than the rest of New York, Staten Island is great for renters who like value and don’t care too much about a long commute. The ferry can be a great place to get some reading done or meditate.

4. Kingsbridge – The Bronx

Sure, this part of the Bronx is even farther north than Inwood, but move to Kingsbridge and you’ll trade a slightly longer commute for some real savings on rent. One feature that makes a lasting impression is the series of open-air public stairways running up and down neighborhood hills; they seem as steep and geometric as lines on a graph.

 Affordable Neighborhoods in All of NYC

3. Ridgewood – Queens

Ridgewood, with its effortlessly tranquil streets and homegrown sensibilities, is an excellent place to begin. Ridgewood is a Central Queens neighborhood that mixes old and new. Today, the community is an amalgamation of long-time, old-school Eastern European residents, a Hispanic community and younger artist types who are starting to fall under Ridgewood’s spell.

 Affordable Neighborhoods in All of NYC

2. Crown Heights – Brooklyn

Crown Heights is an eclectic spot, with peaceful streets lined with townhouses nestling next to blocks of dollar stores and neon-lit bodegas. Crown Heights is close to the best of what Brooklyn has to offer. It has plenty of affordable housing to boot. People often assume that this neighborhood is dangerous, but that’s simply not true. It is a great, safe place to live!

 Affordable Neighborhoods in All of NYC

1. Inwood – Manhattan

Inwood is a neighborhood in the New York City borough of Manhattan, at the northern tip of Manhattan Island. The neighborhood has some of the city’s best green space and an awesome, low-key vibe. Inwood is also great for people who commute to jobs outside of the city by car.  Tucked away at the very top of the island, it may not be the most convenient location for some, but it is definitely worth it for affordability-minded Manhattanites.

That wraps up our list of the affordable neighborhoods in all of NYC. If you’re relocating to any of these neighborhoods, or anywhere around New York City, look no further than NYC’s best moving company – Stride Movers. Get your free quote here.

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