Crown Heights is a nice place to visit, and one of Brooklyn’s most vibrant neighborhood. By all means, go spend time there if you have family or friends living in the area. It has its own feel and its own vibe. If you’re visiting during one of its specialty street fairs, then it’s worth a special trip. You will see great music & costumes. For all other nights, here is our list of  “The Best Bars In Crown Heights”

The Best Bars In Crown Heights

1. Drink Lounge

The Best Bars In Crown Heights The Best Bars In Crown Heights

This bar is a cool and elegant bar serving up some excellent cocktails. The decor is quite ornate, making you feel like you’re up for a special night out. Friendly staff, and on some nights there is a  DJ was spinning some quality music.

2. St Ends

The Best Bars In Crown Heights The Best Bars In Crown Heights

This is a great cocktail spot. Order a beer or a wine or a cocktail and be delighted. Visit the Brooklyn Museum then meet friends for cocktails later. It has one of the best backyards in the neighborhood.

3. Two Saints

The Best Bars In Crown Heights The Best Bars In Crown Heights

A nice little gem in Crown Heights. It’s great for after-work drinks, catching up with friends, and the perfect date spot. The drinks are well crafted and the staff is very friendly.

4. King Tai

Easily one of the best local bars in the neighborhood. Beautiful aesthetic, exquisite drinks and friendly staff that keep you coming back time and again. If you find yourself in the neighborhood you’d be remiss not to stop by.

5. Super Power

This cute tiki bar is tucked in Crown Heights. Their cocktails are tasty and strong. They do have a small food menu and offer several types of oysters. When the weather is nice, be sure to arrive early and find a spot in the outdoor area on one of those awesome blue chairs that make you feel like you’re in a friend’s backyard relaxing.

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