Things Moving Companies In Brooklyn Offer
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What Do Moving Companies In Brooklyn Offer

What Do Moving Companies In Brooklyn Offer

Hiring a moving company in Brooklyn can really be beneficial. Not only will it save you time and money it could also save your body from injury. Most Brooklyn moving companies hire individuals who have been in the industry for years. Therefore when you do decide to move, this is not going to be like friends or family help you on moving day. Get ready for professionals that know the most efficient ways to protect and move your furniture. It will amaze you how fast they move all of your fifty boxes out of your home into their truck.

These are highly trained professionals that make moving all your belongings look easy. If you can afford movers, we recommend you hire them. Some moving companies will even pack your entire home and move every item within 1-2 days. Providing you with boxes, tape, bubble wrap, packing paper and much more. All you had to do was make a phone call. So, without further ado here is “7 services moving companies in Brooklyn offer”?

Services Moving Companies In Brooklyn Offer

Moving Services

We’ve noticed the lack of respect that relocation professionals get in this industry and that’s a shame. Honestly we think it comes from the idea that moving is something everyone thinks they can do themselves. So why show any sort of respect to the profession? I’m sure you could fix a leaking pipe yourself and maybe change out a spark plug – but how efficient is your process? Were you trained to fix pipes or work on an engine? It all boils down to the training that these relocation professionals have received.

To be able to look at a piece of furniture and know exactly how to turn it to get it out of your narrow doorway. To move a heavy dresser across your apartment without lifting it and never scratching your floors. Wrapping your couch and moving it on a rainy day and have it not get dirty or wet. These are a few of the tricks of the trade that these professionals know. It will impress you if you ever witness it. Moving is an art to these individuals, whereas it’s simply an annoyance to your friends and family.

Packing Services

Why would anyone need packing services?  Yes, you could pack yourself, but do you know that 85% of people when packing are likely to overpack boxes? This usually leads to boxes breaking, your belongings being damaged or worse, someone getting hurt. When you hire professional packers, you’re hiring a professional that knows how to pack to protect your belongings and prevent boxes from breaking. One of the biggest complaints we get from staff is people overpacking their boxes – making if difficult to lift and slowing down the job. Our packers pack every box to a reasonable weight, making it possible to carry many at a time and also prevent damage. Packing services are a life saver for those that don’t have the time or need the help.

Packing and Moving Services

We know what it’s like when you have to move out for whatever reason. You need a bigger place, your roommates are driving you crazy, or you found the love of your life and decided to cohabitate. No matter the reason, the thought of moving makes everyone cringe. Let’s face it, packing up your home is a nightmare. Dragging boxes home from the hardware store and spending hours bending over them organizing all your worldly belongings? We know you don’t have time for that. Our pack + moves are quick and efficient, and will save you so much hassle. We bring the supplies, pack up your items and move you in the same day. Plus, we know how to save space and protect your items.

Services Moving Companies In Brooklyn Offer

Loading and Unloading Help

Imagine you just spent fifteen hours navigating that 26ft U-Haul all the way to the Big Apple. Upon arrival, you’ll need to find parking close to your new home and unload all your belongings. What if you have a two bedroom with tons of furniture, boxes and 4 flights of stairs? All your friends are busy or out of town. What do you do? Just call up a moving company and ask for moving help. It’s that simple. They’ll send out a team of moving professionals to help you with loading or unloading your rental truck Before you know you’ll be in your new place (or ready to hit the road).

Home Staging

In moving the industry, real estate agents have become some of our most trusted sources for moving leads. We work with all types of agents. From the agent renting apartments in a new luxury building, to the agent that just sold her third brownstone. In some of these cases agents like to show the units in a “what it could look like” stage – with furniture all set up. This tends to give their clients a feel for what it could look like if they do move in. So they’ll hire a moving company to help with the staging process. Some times that means picking up furniture from a storage unit and moving it into an empty unit. From there, the moving professionals help with the staging of the apartment by arranging furniture and other odd jobs.


Let’s say you work for a company that works for the NFL and it’s training camp season. You’re responsible for making sure the entire team has all the water they’ll need to stay hydrated so they could perform at the highest level. Your usual courier is unavailable and has left you with this mess to clean up. No worries. You just hop on Google and search for a moving company that does last minute deliveries. Give them the details of the delivery and just like that, eight pallets of water is delivered to the middle of Long Island.

Garbage Disposal

You’re a doctor in Manhattan with a private practice business that has been picking up due to the pandemic. You decide to move to a bigger space where you can see more patients and do more good. You’ve had the same furniture for over twenty years and think it’s time for a change. You don’t just want to put it on the sidewalk for the city to pick up. It’s just too much furniture and who knows how long it will stay there. You’re in luck! Did you know that only a handful of moving companies do garbage disposal? But if you’re in a pinch, Stride can help you out.

If you are looking to hire a reliable moving company for any of these services, look no further than NYC’s top-rated moving company – Stride Movers. We serve all 5 boroughs, Long Island, and upstate New York. We are committed to excellence and customer satisfaction. It would be our pleasure to help you with your next relocation. Get a free quote now.

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