What Types Of Moving Boxes Do You Need
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What Types Of Moving Boxes Do You Need?

What Types Of Moving Boxes Do You Need?

Moving day can be stressful. So many decisions to make. From finding the right moving company to hire to coordinating with your building manager and even finding the right packing supplies. Here at Stride Movers, we understand the ins and outs of preparing and planning for a seamless relocation. The more time you give yourself in the planning stage, the less room there will be for error on the big day.

First Things First!

Taking a full inventory of your possessions is the first place to start. Starting with the master bedroom and working your way through your apartment from room to room gives you a great picture of which packing supplies you’ll need. Also, it will be very helpful in deciding what size moving truck you’ll need. After you’ve taken your inventory, it’s time to pack up your belongings. Choosing the right boxes for your move helps a great deal in keeping every thing nice and organized. It also helps when you or your movers are packing the truck. What Types Of Moving Boxes Do You Need? Here are the boxes you should look at acquiring for your next move.

Book Boxes

The name says it all, but if you’re not sure what we mean, book boxes are perfect for your books and other knick knacks around the house. Maybe you have some office supples or utensils? These boxes always come in handy for smaller items. They’re also good for packing up your toiletries or some things you might have in your pantry.

Medium Boxes

Medium boxes are best for household articles such as sheets, pillows, yoga mats, pet food and any other light items you may have. Don’t pack books in medium size boxes! You run the risk of hurting yourself [or your movers] when moving them. It also creates a high probability of breakage when lifting. So keep medium boxes fairly light, if you can’t lift them – they are probably too heavy.

Wardrobe Boxes

Wardrobe boxes are great for everything in your closets [except your skeletons]. Winter coats, suits or your shoes placed in the bottom of the box help maximize your wardrobe boxes. Some people even use them for big plants they would like to move – which helps prevent damage. Maybe you have larger, not-so-heavy children’s toys that could fit in these boxes. But do remember to label them so you or your movers know how they should be handled.

Whatever you’re moving, let Stride do the heavy lifting for you. Don’t care about boxes at all? Let us do the packing as well! We offer full-service pack + moves – you won’t have to lift a finger! Get a free quote today!

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