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Congratulations! You decided to accept that new job offer in another city, found the perfect apartment in Brooklyn, or finally closed on the home of your dreams. And while you’re excited about taking that next step, you’re facing a huge frustration: You need to pack all your belongings into boxes, and lug it into another home. Moving is crazy and stressful. But there are ways to survive the process without prematurely growing (more) grey hairs. Let us help.

Our Customers Say

Olson is hands down the best. I don’t even know how he managed to get our couch into a basement around an impossible corner of rough cement walls without a single mark, but they did and made it look pretty effortless. Everything was well taken care of and they listened to us and planned out the move perfectly. Moving is an art and these dudes are masters. Highly highly recommended!”


“Don’t look any further! They are my go-to movers and heavy lifters. I manage a high end furniture showroom in Soho and brought Stride in as our regular movers. They understood the delicacy of handling our very expensive items but always finished the job ahead of schedule! I also used them on several residential projects where they moved, assembled, and installed a variety of pieces for myself or my clients. James has an eye for space and when someone else says you need two trucks or two trips to get the job done, James makes it happen in one!”


Amazing. Professional, experienced, lovely. A thorough, long-distance job from NYC to DC with a stop at my New York storage unit. My furniture was beautifully wrapped and protected and I highly recommend Stride Movers. I almost felt guilty for how easy they made what is usually such a stressful endeavor. They treated me and my things with a care and respect that exceeded expectations. Excellent value, excellent service. Whether you’re working with a budget or simply looking for NYC’s best movers, this is who you should call.


Our Clients Include:

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