How To Make Moving Less Stressful

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Making your move less stressful is a hard task to do. Often characterized by a whirlwind of emotions – from the excitement of a fresh start to the anxiety of packing up an entire household.

Yet, the process can become overwhelmingly stressful due to the sheer number of tasks that need to be undertaken, the physical labor involved, and the emotional toll of leaving behind the familiar. The prospect of upheaval can ignite feelings of unease and tension, making the overall experience fraught with stress.

That’s where this article comes into play. Its purpose is to provide you with practical and actionable tips to transform your moving experience from a stressful endeavor into a seamless process. We’ll delve into various strategies that can help you plan, organize, and execute your move effectively, thereby significantly reducing the associated stress.

And when it comes to stress-free moving, Stride Movers, your trusted moving partner in Deerfield Beach, FL, stands out as an exemplar. Offering a comprehensive suite of professional moving services, Stride Movers turns the arduous task of moving into a breeze, ensuring a smooth transition to your new home.

Understanding Why Moving is Stressful

how to make moving less stressful

The act of moving houses involves more than just the transportation of belongings from one location to another; it also encapsulates a series of stress-inducing factors that can weigh heavily on one’s mental, physical, and financial well-being.

  • The upheaval of Routine: Moving disrupts established routines and requires adjustments.
  • Emotional Attachment: Leaving a place you’re emotionally attached to can cause stress. This can be especially difficult if you’re moving from a home where you’ve built many memories.
  • Financial Stress: The costs associated with moving can strain finances, causing stress.
  • Time Management: The need to balance everyday responsibilities with the numerous tasks associated with moving can lead to a feeling of time pressure and stress.
  • Physical Exhaustion: The physical demands of moving can be exhausting and stressful.
  • Uncertainty and Fear of the Unknown: Moving to a new place comes with many unknowns, which can cause anxiety and stress.
  • The Complexity of the Task: The number of tasks to coordinate during a move can be overwhelming and stressful.

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Preparing for the Move

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Let’s delve into some crucial steps that can guide your preparations, from the ideal start time to the creation of a comprehensive moving checklist and timeline.

1. Start Preparations Early

The key to a stress-free moving experience is early initiation. Starting the moving process well in advance can dramatically reduce the pressure associated with the mammoth task.

Early preparation gives you ample time to formulate an effective moving plan, assemble all necessary supplies, carefully sort and pack your belongings, and address any unforeseen issues that might arise. The luxury of time mitigates the possibility of rushed decisions and can make the entire process more organized and manageable.

2. Craft a Detailed Moving Plan

The backbone of a successful move is a well-constructed moving plan. This plan should be a comprehensive blueprint of your move, encompassing every detail, no matter how small, from arranging moving supplies to booking the moving truck.

Be it finalizing a reputable moving company, gathering packing supplies, scheduling utility shutdowns at your current place, or setting them up at your new home, each task should be part of your plan. Having a detailed plan in place can provide you with a roadmap to navigate the moving maze, making the process less daunting.

3. Construct a Moving Checklist

A meticulously compiled moving checklist can be your lifeline in the turbulent times of relocation. This checklist should encapsulate all tasks that need to be accomplished prior to the move, on the moving day, and after the move.

Whether it’s notifying relevant parties about your move, packing room by room, arranging for pet care on a moving day, or setting up your new place, each task should find a place on your checklist. This can ensure that nothing gets missed and can provide a sense of achievement as you tick off tasks.

4. Set Up a Timeline

Assign a realistic timeline for each task in your checklist. A clear schedule will not only keep you on track but also help in evenly distributing the workload over the weeks leading to the move. This eliminates the possibility of a task pile-up as the moving day approaches, thereby preventing undue stress.

5. Declutter Before the Move

An integral aspect of moving preparation is decluttering your current home. This involves a thorough assessment of your belongings and a decision-making process to determine what to keep, what to discard, and what to donate.

Reducing the volume of items that need to be moved can significantly decrease the time and effort required for packing and unpacking and also cut down your moving costs, such as rental truck fees.

6. Organize Your Belongings

A strategic organization of your belongings can expedite the packing and unpacking process. Consider categorizing items based on the room they belong to or their frequency of use.

A consistent labeling system for your packed boxes can further streamline the moving process, ensuring you stay organized throughout. Labels should include information about the contents, the designated room in the new home, and handling instructions if any.

This way, you avoid the confusion and chaos of unidentified boxes and ease the settling-in process in your new home.

Getting Organized

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We will delve into key organization strategies like decluttering, categorizing items, and the crucial role labeling plays in a stress-free move.

  • Declutter: Prior to packing, take the time to go through your belongings and identify items that you no longer need or use. By doing this, you can significantly reduce the number of items to be packed and moved, making the process more manageable and less costly.
  • Categorize Items: Sort your belongings based on their respective rooms or categories. This makes packing more efficient and allows for easy retrieval of items in your new home.
  • Pack Smart: Pack items that you will need immediately in clear plastic bins for easy access. This can include items like bed linens, towels, toiletries, and a change of clothes.
  • Label Boxes: Clearly label each box with its contents and the room it belongs to. This will help both in the packing phase and when it’s time to unpack in your new home.
  • Handle Fragile Items Carefully: Use appropriate packing materials for fragile items, and label these boxes clearly so movers know to handle them with extra care.
  • Take Inventory: Maintain an inventory of your packed items. This can assist in keeping track of your belongings during the move and ensure nothing gets misplaced.

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Stride Movers is a Stress-free Moving Solution

This section delves into the advantages of hiring a professional moving company and the specific ways Stride Movers can ensure your move is stress-free and smooth.

1. Reliable Services

With Stride Movers, you can count on reliable and punctual services. Whether you choose to hire professional movers or rent a moving truck, we can accommodate your needs.

We understand the importance of timelines during a move and strive to meet all scheduled deadlines, making sure your move goes off without a hitch.

2. Comprehensive Services

Stride Movers offers a range of comprehensive services, including providing moving supplies and rental truck options, to ensure a less stressful event. This includes packing, loading, transporting, and unloading your belongings. Our services also extend to providing secure storage solutions and unpacking services. With us, every aspect of your move is covered.

3. Proficient Team

Our team consists of trained and experienced professionals who understand that moving is a natural human response and know how to handle your belongings with the utmost care to ensure less stress during the transition.

From heavy furniture to delicate items, our team ensures everything is safely packed, transported, and unloaded at the destination.

4. Customized Moving Plan

At Stride Movers, we understand that every move is unique. That’s why we offer customized moving plans tailored to your specific needs. During our initial consultation, we gather essential details about your move and develop a plan that suits your timeline, budget, and unique requirements.

5. Insurance and Licenses

Stride Movers is a fully licensed and insured moving company. This means that in the rare event of damage or loss, you are covered. This additional layer of protection can bring immense peace of mind during the moving process.

6. Exceptional Customer Service

Lastly, at Stride Movers, we pride ourselves on our commitment to exceptional customer service, helping you stay organized with a detailed to-do list, thereby making moving a less stressful event

From your first inquiry to the final box being unpacked, our team is there to support you, answer any questions, and address any concerns. Our goal is to ensure your moving experience is as stress-free and enjoyable as possible.

Packing Tips

most stressful event

Packing can make unpacking and settling into your new home more manageable. This section offers seven short tips to pack your belongings effectively, from clothing and electronics to fragile and invaluable items.

  • Clothes: Instead of removing clothes from hangers, you can group a few together, cover them with a large trash bag, and make a hole in the top of the bag for the hanger hooks. It saves time and makes setting up your new closet easier.
  • Electronics: Take photos of the wiring setups before dismantling any electronics. Use the photos as a reference for reassembling them in your new home.
  • Fragile Items: Use bubble wrap or packing paper to protect fragile items. Be sure to label these boxes as ‘Fragile’ so movers know to handle them with extra care.
  • Packing an Essentials Box: Pack a box with essentials like toiletries, chargers, a few changes of clothes, important documents, and some kitchen basics. This will be the last box you pack and the first one you unpack at your new home.
  • Valuables: Consider keeping valuable items like jewelry, critical documents, and expensive electronics with you during the move instead of packing them with other belongings.
  • Irreplaceable Items: For irreplaceable sentimental items, take extra care in packing, use plenty of padding, and consider moving them personally if possible.
  • Labeling: Properly label all boxes with their contents and their destination room in your new home. This will expedite the unpacking process and prevent misplacement of items.

Preparing for the Moving Day

How to Make Moving Less Stressful

Professional movers can make a significant difference on a moving day, providing invaluable services to ensure the safe and efficient transportation of your belongings. To start the day on the right foot, it’s advised to begin early, leaving room for handling any unexpected situations that might arise.

Keeping your energy levels up throughout this strenuous day is also important, so be sure to hydrate and eat well. Being available to supervise the movers is essential, too; your guidance and answers to any queries they might have can ensure that the process runs smoothly.

Don’t forget to keep a bag of essentials close by, which you can dip into for immediate needs at your new place. Items such as toiletries, a change of clothes, or necessary documents should be included.

As the day progresses, conduct a final walkthrough of your old home. This will help you confirm that nothing has been overlooked or left behind in the rush. For your peace of mind, consider transporting valuable and sensitive items personally. This ensures extra safety for items that are irreplaceable or of high monetary value.

Settling Into the New Place

Once the move is over, it’s time to start settling into your new place. This involves unpacking, organizing, and slowly turning the new space into your home.

It’s also about adapting to your new surroundings and neighborhood. Here are some tips for settling in:

  • Unpack Essentials First: Start with the essentials box you packed for the first night.
  • Plan Before Unpacking: Before you unpack, have a plan for where things will go to avoid repeated reorganizing.
  • Prioritize Rooms: Tackle one room at a time, starting with the most frequently used ones.
  • Register Your New Address: Remember to change your address for bills, subscriptions, and postal services.
  • Explore Your New Neighborhood: Take time to familiarize yourself with the local shops, parks, and facilities.
  • Meet Your Neighbors: Introduce yourself to your neighbors to start building your new community.
  • Allow Time to Adjust: Finally, remember it takes time to adjust to a new place, so be patient with yourself.


Navigating the challenges of a move can be daunting, but with careful planning, organization, and the right mindset, the process can be significantly less stressful. Remember to plan early, declutter and organize your belongings, ensure you have a reliable moving company, pack wisely, and take care of yourself and your family throughout the process.

If you’re undergoing a move, remember that it’s okay to feel a bit overwhelmed at times. Take it one step at a time, and before you know it, you’ll be settled into your new home.

Stride Movers can be an invaluable resource in making your move stress-free. Their professional service can lighten your workload, ensure the safe transportation of your belongings, and provide peace of mind. After all, moving is not just about relocating your belongings—it’s about starting a new chapter in life, and Stride Movers is here to make that transition as smooth as possible.


How far in advance should I start planning for a move?

It’s typically recommended to start planning for a move 6-8 weeks in advance. This gives you enough time to declutter, organize, pack, and make necessary arrangements.

What are the benefits of hiring a professional moving company like Stride Movers?

Hiring a professional moving company can relieve much of the physical and mental stress of moving. They have the expertise to handle your belongings with care, provide efficient packing and unpacking services, and ensure safe and secure transport.

How can I reduce the stress of moving with kids and pets?

Discuss the move with your kids in advance and engage them in the process to make it an exciting adventure. For pets, ensure they have a safe and comfortable travel plan, and keep their favorite toys and snacks handy to provide comfort.

What should I pack in an essentials box?

An essentials box should include items you’ll need immediately upon arriving at your new home, such as toiletries, change of clothes, important documents, snacks, water, medication, basic cookware, and bed linens.

How can I ensure I’ve settled well into my new home?

Start by unpacking and organizing one room at a time. Create a comfortable living space first, and gradually set up the rest of the house. Take your time to adapt to the new environment and establish a routine. Don’t rush the process. Remember, settling in takes time.

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