7 ways to avoid shady moving companies
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7 Ways To Spot Shady Movers

Think a nice website and a few online reviews mean your moving company is the real deal? Think again! These days it’s easy to look good online. Before you hire a moving company – do your research! Know the questions to ask so you don’t get stuck with sub-par movers. Here are 7 ways to spot shady movers.

7. License & Insurance

Moving companies in New York city are required to be licensed and insured. A licensed moving company should have a DOT number and all the other licenses needed to stay compliant. When moving into some buildings, the building management requires a special certificate of insurance in case of an accident, or if something is damaged.

7 Ways To Spot Shady Movers

This is called a certificate of insurance (C.O.I), and this document proves that the moving company is insured. So, if you’re planning on moving and are thinking of hiring movers, hire a company that is licensed and insured. It might cost a bit more, but it will save you from a headache in the long run.

6. Lack of Uniformity

So it’s been decided, you have to move. You’ve lived at your apartment for over 10 years and it’s time for a change of scenery. You’ve accumulated quite a bit over the years so you’ll definitely need help. You hop on Google and you type in “moving company Long Island City” and your search begins. After about an hour you’ve narrowed it down to three moving companies. After a day or so you choose the moving company that seems like the best fit for you. On the day of, the moving truck pulls up, the team hops out and everyone is dressed differently. This could be a major problem. Let’s say one of the movers isn’t wearing his uniform but starts to carry things out of the building. Your neighbor sees strange men with no uniform carrying out furniture, panics and calls the police.

Movers should look like they belong to a company. Not only that, every time you call the moving company, you should receive consistent customer service and feel like you’re talking employees who actually work for this company and know what they’re talking about.

7 ways to spot shady movers

5. Poor Customer Service

In this day and age, it can sometimes feel like customer service is a thing of the past. But, the really successful moving companies have some of the best customer service out there. Why? Because happy customers mean more business, which means more money. An established moving company understands that they’re really in the service industry and that customer service is important. Successful companies in every industry invest millions of dollars into customer service training. If you don’t feel appreciated the minute you call a moving company, then maybe it’s not the right fit.

4. Poor Communication

When you hire a company you expect open communication. From the minute of contact, a moving company should be clear, understandable, and communicative. They should keep in constant contact with texts or phone calls before and during a move, so you always know what’s going on with your move. They should put you at ease, and show up when they say they will.

3. Too Many 1 Star Reviews

This is always an obvious red flag. When you read online reviews, make sure to sort them from lowest to highest and really pay attention to what the customers say. If they just sounds like they are complaining for no reason, take their words with a grain of salt. But if you see the same complaints over and over, pay attention.

2. Beat Up Trucks and Equipment

A good moving company takes care of their employees, their trucks and their equipment. They maintain everything to the highest standard of safety and cleanliness. You want your belongings to be handled safely. A company that takes pride in their appearance is a company that tke pride in their work.

1. Upcharging & Hidden Fees

7 Ways To Spot Shady Movers

What’s more shady than hidden pricing? Of course, as the name “hidden” suggests, you often don’t know you’re being charged these until it’s too late. However, there are some ways to suss out if you’ll be facing extra fees or not before you even hire the company. If you read in a lot of the company reviews that people got charged extra money last minute, or that movers demanded tips before they would work, run!

You can call the company on the phone and once they give your quote, ask them if there are any other fees you will have to account for on moving day. Ask if there are extra charges for stairs, or extra charges for insurance. Ask if a tip will be considered mandatory. If they say yes, this is a bad sign. Tips should never be forced, although if you do feel you received good service, you should definitely tip your movers when they are done.

And there you have 7 ways to spot shady movers. If you’re looking to move, look no further than NYC’s top-rated moving company – Stride Movers. We are committed to excellence and customer satisfaction. It would be our pleasure to be the movers on your next relocation. Get a free quote now.

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