Thank you for your interest in booking your job with Stride Movers.

PAYMENT: Payment must be made in cash, certified check, American Express, Discover, Master Card or Visa. The minimum for credit card payments is $300. If your job total is less than $300, you must pay cash. A 5% Service Charge will be added to all credit card payments. We do not accept personal checks. Please tip your movers.

FREE BOXES SPECIAL: For all free boxes promotions, clients will be charged for boxes when boxes are dropped off, and the cost of the boxes and supplies will be subtracted from the final moving bill. If the move is cancelled, boxes and supplies will be non-refundable.

INSURANCE: We can provide a certificate of insurance if your building requests. Please let us know as soon as possible if that is required. We cannot come up with a certificate immediately on the job sight, as they have to be specific to the job and location. With regard to damages, the base level required by New York State for hourly moves is 30 cents per pound, meaning if your 50 pound television is broken during the move, you can expect $15 in compensation. Any coverage beyond that, you would need to get outside insurance coverage through another company. (Renter’s insurance generally has some coverage for moving). We are not responsible for items that have been packed by other companies or clients and transported before they get to us (i.e. ReloCube, Pods, long distance unloads). Most damage to these items occurs during transportation, especially when the vehicle or cube has been packed incorrectly. By confirming your move with a credit card you are agreeing to these terms.

ARRIVAL TIME: Please be aware that while we try to leave enough time between jobs, we can sometimes run late due to the variables beyond our control, such as customers with more inventory than estimated, elevator issues, traffic and weather events. While we try our best to keep on schedule, moving is not an exact science. We sometimes run late and sometimes early. We will call ahead to let you know about changes in our arrival time. We appreciate your patience.

CANCELLATION/RESCHEDULE: If anything about your move changes, such as locations or timing, please inform us as soon as possible. Moving deposits (usually in the form a credit card number held in lieu of final payment) are non-refundable. All moving services are non-refundable as well.

YOUR POSSESSIONS: By far the largest problem we run into is arriving at jobs to find much more to be moved than was on the list sent to us by the customer. While on flat rate jobs, this may mean an adjustment in price, it also can mean we may not have a large enough vehicle or, perhaps more importantly, that we are going to be very late to the next customer. We book multiple jobs a day. If you have dramatically more than you previously informed us of, we reserve the right to limit the amount we will transport to the original agreement, so as not to cause an unreasonable delay on a following job. Please update us before the day of the move (preferably days before) if you find you are going to have more than you expected or that your original list was incomplete.

IKEA FURNITURE: We cannot dismantle or re-assemble any furniture other than bed frames. IKEA pieces, like wardrobes, are very complicated and are very difficult to deconstruct without damage. If your furniture, other than a bed-frame, needs to be disassembled to be moved, you will need to have this done before we arrive. (We can dis-assemble bed frames as long as you let us know in advance.) Furthermore, we cannot be responsible for IKEA furniture falling apart when moved. We do our best to protect it, but pressed-wood furniture is generally not sturdy, and often does not handle moving well. That said our insurance policy does not cover pressed-wood IKEA style furniture.

PARKING TICKETS: As there is often no legal parking at job sites, customers are encouraged to watch the moving vehicle during jobs to help avoid tickets. We will make our best effort to find legal parking, but this is not possible in many locations. CUSTOMERS ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR PAYING ALL PARKING TICKETS RECEIVED DURING THE COURSE OF THEIR MOVE. THE PARKING TICKET FINE WILL BE ADDED TO THE TOTAL BILL FOR THE MOVE AT THE END OF THE JOB.

DRIVING: Customers cannot ride along in the truck or van. This is per our insurance is to protect the customer as well. Please be sure to arrange your own transportation between locations if necessary.

BE PREPARED: Please be as prepared as possible for your move. You should be completely packed before the movers arrive. Again, this is a courtesy to our other customers who are as anxious as you are to have a smooth moving day and have timing considerations of their own.